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A Precious Moment with the "Together" Ladies kick starting Spring at the Spotlight

Hello Everyone!

The skies are clear blue and beautiful! It is the perfect moment for me to share my interviews with my Spotlights for May! I am beginning with my questions for the group, followed by individual interviews coming up next!

Celia Berk, Sally Darling, Meg Flather, Josephine Sanges and Lisa Viggiano (alphabetical by last names)... I have known these ladies for quite a while, some better than the others but they have several things in common, beautiful inside and out, combined with beautiful award winning voices!

I had the wonderful pleasure of videoing these song birds in their "Together" show and capturing some beautiful moments which reminded me of Spring, which was the reason I decided to invite them all to me my spotlight for the month of May!

For the group interview, I asked them the following questions individually (so this is the first time they will see the answers to the same quesrtions :) ):

1) Who came up with the idea of the "TOGETHER" show?

Celia: Josephine!

Sally: I believe Lisa Viggiano and Josephine Sanges came up with idea of our doing a show. I suggested calling it “Together”.

Meg: The idea to do a show was all Josephine! When we got together to work out the details we came up with the concept together, but it was Sally who dreamed up the title.

Josephine: The idea was mine and, Sally came up with the title. I'm a collaborator by nature so, I envisioned we'd join our talents and energy together and let our creativity run wild. As they say, "The whole is greater than than the sum of its parts."

Lisa: Josephine!

2) What was the best part of the show and what was the most challenging part?

Celia: Best Part is getting to know these amazing women and see their processes up close. Most challenging part is we were each used to running our own show -- literally! There was a little storming and forming before we got to norming and performing.

Sally: The best part of the show is being among these voices, these special people and their energy. The most challenging part is being at my best, meeting the standard set!

Meg: I made incredible friends. It really was a gift and the best part. Also to work closely with John M. Cook and Jeff Harnar was a huge treat. My challenge was selecting the right songs to reflect the show's concept while illustrating what it is I "do." Jeff was instrumental in helping with that, pardon the pun!

Josephine: The best part was getting to know these wonderful ladies and being able to truly call them friends. The challenges were the same challenges that we all are faced with when putting a show together...times five!!

Lisa: Best part was getting to know these incredible artists who worked on the project Worst part was coordinating 7 schedules

3) Can you share something most memorable about you ladies working together?

Celia: It was a labor of love, in large part because we decided early on that each performance would be a fundraiser. We are now truly each other's friends. We are the first to make reservations for each other's shows and to cheer when one of us has a success. And we couldn't have done it without Musical Director John M. Cook and Director Jeff Harnar.

Sally: The lovely thing is the mutual admiration and support.

Meg: A couple of us got sick right before and on show day. It was incredible to feel the support from the group. It is not easy to sing when you don't feel great and your voice is challenged. I remember the group of ladies really helping me not panic right before the performance. I grew to love each of them and when ever we cross paths the connection is right there. It never goes away. We did something unique together and pretty much spent 2017 "together."

Josephine: I loved being up there on the stage while watching each of the other ladies perform. It's really hard to explain but, it provided a really unique and interesting perspective.

Lisa: I loved how much we laughed and celebrated the night we went to dinner after Urban Stages. What a beautiful night that was!

"Together", all puns included, these ladies are magical! Mark your calendars and come experience them live, on May 1st at the NEXT SPOTLIGHT ON YOU OPEN MIC!



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